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Consumer Engagement 2.0 with Statflo CRO Scott McArthur

July 6, 2022

The technology and techniques your institution relies on to provide excellent account holder service should change with consumer demand. Today’s consumers are less and less inclined to come into the branch for service. They want to conduct their financial business using their smartphones and devices — but email only goes so far. When you use 1:1 text messaging to engage account holders in conversation, your messages get read, and their needs get met. It’s a win-win for everyone. In this episode, we talk with a special guest, Scott McArthur, Chief Revenue Officer of Statflo. Scott brings a wealth of experience and insight to this developing field. He is also passionate about helping community financial institutions leverage this technology.


In this episode, we discuss:           

  • What is 1:1 SMS (aka “texting”) communication?
  • Consumer demand for this type of communication.
  • How engagement with 1:1 SMS outperforms email by a long shot.
  • How a tool like Statflo can fit into your institution’s consumer experience
  • Why true personalization requires a conversation, not just data.
  • What you can do this week to move closer to using 1:1 SMS technology with your consumers.
  • 3 things you should know before you jump into 1:1 SMS communications.


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