Thinking Outside The Vault

Marketing in 2022 with CW Warwick and Thomas Shields

February 16, 2022

They say big changes are coming to the world of digital advertising. For some folks, it feels like the beginning of an earthquake, for others just tremors like we’ve felt so many times before. Whatever 2022 holds you can bet that the winners will be the marketers who leaned into the change. In this episode, we talk with CW Warwick the VP of Consumer Marketing and Thomas Shields the VP of Marketing Enablement at Kasasa about what changes to expect in 2022 and how to create positive momentum and growth for your community financial institution.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Four big changes that will affect how community financial institutions market in 2022.
  • What first- and third-party cookie tracking really means.
  • How to use social media without feeling totally dependent on it.
  • The power of 1:1 messaging.
  • Ways you can use text messaging and direct mail to connect in meaningful ways with consumers.
  • Things you can do this week to upgrade your marketing game.

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