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The golden marketing opportunity in Q4 with Star Exton-Raymor and Alyson Daniel

July 24, 2020

Even though the marketing world has been turned on its head by the global pandemic there is still a window of opportunity in 2020 that you don’t want to miss. Kasasa’s Director of Digital Marketing Star Exton-Raymor and Alyson Daniel, a Senior Marketing Manager with Kasasa join our show to discuss how community banks and credit unions can still attract new account holders and position their brands for growth, despite the tough economic conditions. Whether or not you work with Kasasa, there’s a lot of great insight on how to pivot your marketing strategy for the remainder of 2020.


Full disclosure: this episode focuses on a free service (campaign creation) that Kasasa provides to our clients. We work hard to keep the content of the podcast value-based, and in this case we felt like the tie-in between the marketing challenge that community financial institutions face and the service we provide was too close to separate effectively. Regardless of who you use to get your marketing out, there's some great advice in here on why you should start implementing a seasonal strategy now.


Look at some samples from the seasonal campaign.


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